Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, Summary

     I found out that the input files that I ran on Friday had an error in it when it finished running them.  So today, Scott helped me out again and this time we ran the files using all 24 CPUs of the supercomputer so that it would hopefully be more efficient.  It will most likely finish running the files by tomorrow if we don't come across with any errors like last time.  I also finish my beamer (powerpoint) on LaTeX  today so that I will be ready to present tomorrow in my lab group meeting.  It took a lot of work and most of my time to finish that beamer.  Good news is that I learned even more about LaTeX and its incredible features.  Bad news is that I'm a bit nervous for tomorrow presentation because I know that there will be mistakes.  I can only hope that tomorrow will go well for me, but until then,  I better make sure I know my stuff.

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