Tuesday, June 24, 2014


        Today, I did mostly everything this morning.  Since I put my metal pieces in the oven yesterday, I had to put them through the IR today.  It takes some time so I had to wait for about an hour for all of my pieces to get analyzed.  Even after the sonication, the monolayers were still not there.  Now, I have to try to use different length of times to see if something else will work to get to a stable monolayer.  My mentor gave me another packet to read.  It was about the same thing that I was doing but with different types of metal and some different procedures.  I also worked in my workbook for some time.  Today is Tuesday, so I had my personal meeting with Dr. Gawalt.  She told me that I had to write a page on what I did in the past week. I went back to my lab and typed about everything that I did in the past weak, which wasn't that much. 

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