Thursday, June 19, 2014

Amber Latona blog day 4 6/19

Today was alright. When I got here, I finished reading some articles and posted my blog from yesterday. After that, I went to the xray room and saw the powder xray diffraction machine. Chas, two undergrads, and I went down together. We had samples of two different elements. We prepared them to go into the machine and I watched the machine spin shortly.
After lunch, I did some research. I looked up the Crystal Radius for certain elements. I need to know the crystal radii for my project.
I also was given two more packets of information. One was called "Properties of X-Rays" and the other "Atomic and Ionic Arrangements". I read through the Xray packet. Some of it was an overview from what I have learned from my physics class, so I found that interesting.

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