Friday, June 27, 2014

A summary about me and what I'm working on

My name is Michaela, and I'm researching Metal-organic Frameworks at the Chemistry Department of YSU. I work with Dr. Lovelace-Cameron, my supervisor, my co-worker Alyssa, and another student named Sam. I realize that I'm about a week late into posting information about what I have been doing for the last eight days, so I guess I'll give you a quick overview. *The first day I mixed some Adenine and MgCl2 in a vial, and in another vial, I mixed CrCl2 and Adenine. Then in a 25mL volumetric flask I mixed a 1/1/1 ratio of DMF, Ethyl alcohol, and tap water. Both the vials and the flask were placed in a refridgerator over the weekend. *Then on Wensday, seeings how I was off Monday and Tuesday, I added 5mL to each vial and placed them in a sonicator for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, both vials were placed in an oven at 60 degrees Celcius and left there for three days. *The vials will be removed tommorrow at approximately 2:55PM. Today I mixed MgCl2 and Adenine, and CrCl2 and Adenine, with 5mL of Ethyl alcohol and tap water. Dr. Lovelace-Cameron is having me repeat the same experiment over and over, each time removing/adding a reactant, or raising/lowering the temperature the vials will be placed in the oven at.

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