Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summary June 24th, 2014

Today was pretty exhausting.
This morning I finished my blog posting and posted it, so if you want to know which colleges I am applying to and what I want to major in, I encourage you to read it.
Travis came in to see me at around 10 and talked to me about my project. Since we only have experimental results for our particular cation with a 4 carbon, or butyl, chain, it is going to take some time finding parameters and trajectories and then loading it all into an input file, finding forcefields that are compatible, and other things of that nature in order to determine whether or not diffusion is an activated process. He gave me an MCAT book to practice in and I got an intro to college physics 1 today. He is going to be continuously teaching me college physics and chem all throughout the summer in order to prepare me not only for my project, but for the advanced physics class that I am taking my senior year.
This afternoon I worked in the MCAT book and then had a meeting with Luther and Travis. We listened to Luther give his talk that he will be delivering this Thursday at the lab group meeting. It was great and I actually understood what he was saying!
Tomorrow I will be learning Gen. Chem., Travis is bringing a book. I have a ton of down time since what we're going to be running doesn't actually exist yet, so I might as well learn.
Until tomorrow, SEED.

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