Tuesday, June 17, 2014

6.17.14 Cheyenne Simmons

Well today was a little hard just trying to get back into the swing of things. In the morning I finished my reading from yesterday and I also went down to the SEM with Steve and Ashley. While I was down there I worked on writing my Biography for the first blog. After I finished writing my Biography which was four paragraphs long, I came up stairs out of the cold basement to the computer lab which was a little warmer to type and publish my Bio onto the blog spot. When that was all said and done we went out to lunch.

When we came back from lunch I went back to my lab where Jaci had more papers for me to read about my project. My project is an extension of my project last year. I started to read of a little then Jaci and I went to the lab to finish running my compounds from last year. Everything was going okay until we could find where my compounds got moved to but after a minute we found that they were right in front of our faces.  I then proceeded to take my chemicals out and organize them on the counter. I then went in the back to clean the Autoclaves they were so gross and dirty. I cleaned two of them before I realized that I might need some help to get them clean faster so I went enlisted the help of Amber who looked so bored reading at the table. I then thought her how they go together piece by piece and we cleaned and put them together.

My plans for tomorrow are to put my compounds from last year into the oven and heat them. While that is heating I will probably finish the reading I didn't get done at home. Then I will start working on the new thing I'm doing this year. Dr. Aitken even said she might have me do some of her sample in the SEM/EDS along with my own.

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