Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, Summary

     For the first hour I was here I decided to continue where I left off from yesterday on CHARMM-GUI.  I was working on learning to use the interface and grasp the basics of it.  Unfortunately, I didn't understand much about it so I left for the meeting at 9:00 for Madura research group where I finally met my other mentor.  While watching the other students presenting their project, my mentor informed me that I would also be presenting my work next week.  This will be difficult since I don't even know what my project is yet.  Luckily, after the 3 hour meeting, I later met up with my two mentors to talk about my project and what I would be doing this week.  I was told that I would have to record everything I do on CHARMM-GUI and write it down on LaTeX so that my work could be used for future references.  I also continue to read the article I started the other day to inform me more about CHARMM-GUI.  My goal is to finish my work with CHARMM-GUI by Friday, so that I can let all the data I uploaded form the PDBand have it process over the weekend.

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