Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, Summary

     Today, I finish up my LaTeX document about my tutorial on CHARMM, but I do not think that it is perfect for it to be reference.  Unfortunately, my mentor wasn't no here today to look over my progress so I was working on it alone.  I was started my beamer on LaTeX, which I will have to present at my lab group meeting on Tuesday.  I have to to upload pictures of a bovine pancreas beta-trypsin in complex with benzamidine protein and show the binding pocket of the benzamidine ligand.  Scott also came in to help me start my molecular dynamics and input files from CHARMM into the supercomputer.  It is going to take about a day for it to finish, but luckily by the time I come back from the weekend, it will already be finish.  Then I can finish up my beamer and hopefully start on the blog challenge #2 instead of putting it off till the last day to do it.

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