Friday, June 27, 2014

6-27-17 Summary

        Today, in my opinion, was a very productive day.  In the morning, I made my concentrated acid. The one that my mentor said to make is called hydrochloric acid. First, I had to use the equation (M1 times V1) = (M2 times V2) to make a solution.  With using the equation, I came up with 8 ml of the acid.  I also had to get distilled water because it is part of the process of making my acid to what I actually want it to be.  I poured some of the water into a container.  I then added the 8 ml of HCA to the water.  Then, I added more of the distilled water until it reached a certain line.  I closed the container and labeled it with HCA (hydrochloric acid), then put it in my little bin of stuff. 

        After I did all of that, it was time to go to a meeting.  The meeting was for undergrads but we had to tag along too since we work with them.  There was a guest speaker that talked about her experience when she was an undergrad doing this summer fellowship.  Now, she is attending PITT as a graduate trying to get her PHD. 

        The meeting took about an hour or so and some of the undergrads in my lab were in there too.  After I came back from the meeting, I rinsed my cobalt coupons in the acid I made earlier in the day.  They were in the solution for about 15 minutes.  When the time was up, I put the cobalt coupons back into the glass plate and then in the oven for overnight.  For the rest of the day, I worked in my workbook because I had nothing else to do. 

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