Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cheyeanne Perez Biography

My name is Cheyeanne Perez and in the 2014 school year I will be going into eleventh grade at McKeesport Area High School. My interests include art and reading. My favorite subject in school has always been my science class, but I favor my biology class over all others.

I had decided to apply to the project SEED program because I have an interest in science, as well as it being a great oppertunity to work in a real college lab setting. My first impressions after the first day was that it was going to be a lot of work but that it would be worth it.

I really do not have any questions, I have asked them already and got all the answers. This summer
I am looking forward to new experiences with Project SEED dealing with new machines and projects that I have never known about. I think the thing I am least looking forward to this summer with Project SEED is having to make a poster and explain to others what i have learned and done, I was never really that good at explaining things.

In the next ten years I plan to have graduated high school and be in college practicing to become a heart surgeon. I also plan to have my own house anywhere away from everyone.

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