Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Angel 6/1/15

Today I got my stubs prepared for tomorrow since I will be collecting samples then. I also had to prepare gloves, and containers for the stubs to avoid contamination. Tomorrow I look forward to collecting my samples, and beginning to run the in the SEM/EDS.

Jordan Pestok 7/1/15

so today has been similar to the last couple of days. My mentor did not come in until later and then he had other things to do like meetings and what not. hopefully I will look at nickel and iron in the mass spectrometer. In the meantime I hope I gave give my mentor my CID profiles so he can make the graph by tomorrow.

Amadou Diallo 7-1-15

Today I worked on my powerpoint and I was able to run assays because the machine was fixed.
Tomorrow I will present to my lab group and probably run more assays.

Jiscca 7-1-15

        Today, I made a graph of the spectra's for the 1 hour deposition and 24 hour deposition that worked.  I then added them into my new power point for this year.  Tomorrow, I will present in my lab's group meeting.  I will either start a new deposition or learn how to do a contact angle measurement. 

Jeramiah Jones 7.1.15

Today i retrieved my data from the I.C system and made a chart and graph from my results.

Amber Latona 7/1

Today I took my samples out of the furnace for the final time.
I organized my papers and work from last year and began to think about how I am going to adjust my abstract and power point.
Tomorrow I am going to regrind my samples and work on my abstract.

Stephen Lau - July 1, 2015

     Came in early just enough time to add the finishing touches to my beamer before I presented in today's meeting.  It was an alright first time presenting since last year but now I've gotten a lot of feedback which I can use to improve my presentation tomorrow...