Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 10 6/27 BLOG Amber Latona

Today started off pretty rough because I was just extremely tired. I was sleep deprived so I felt cranky this morning.
At 12, we all went over to Fisher Hall to watch a presentation and eat lunch. The lady that presented is a graduate student at The University of Pitt and was a former graduate student here at Duquesne!
She was an extremely confident person. She felt confident about herself and that is something that I really admire about others. She talked about her experiences. She works with chemistry and is a year away from receiving her PhD!

After that, I went to my lab to begin my project. I'm still waiting for my furnace to be plugged in the wall, but it's a bit more complicated than that. Hopefully that will be ready by next week.
Anyway, Chas and I weighed out our samples for my project. We weighed out .2258 g of Y2O3 and .2276 g of In2O3. We grinded these samples together in order to make YInO3.
We then weighted out another .2258 g of Y2O3 and .1579 g of Mn2O3 and grinded those two samples together in order to make YMnO3.
However, we didn't dry our powders before weighing them because we want to see if we gain different results. So, on Monday we will weigh out the same samples again but we will dry the samples first before weighing them. This is all part of the experiment to see what potential results we will get.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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