Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 6 Summary 06/23/14

   Today , I've gotten here pretty early again . Stephen and I were the first people hear but anyways when I got here I began reading the last little bit of my packets and start trying to really understand what I'm doing because it's confusing . I get the general idea of what I'm doing , I just don't get the experiments I have to do or the results I'm suppose to get .

    I also tried to do a little bit more of the mathematical part of my lab and I would say that I'm getting the hang of it a little bit but I still need more practice to get a good grasp of the math. I also did an experiment today with distressed fuel and  it was a little harder to distract  (separate) but all in all it was a good day . It went by pretty fast

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings (:

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