Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6.18.14 Cheyenne Simmons

         Well today wasn't that exciting. In the morning I came in and had to wait about an hour or so until Jaci got here so we could clean the autoclaves. To clean them I had to take them apart, fill them with water then I had to put them back together. Once they were together I had to put all eight of them into the oven and set the heating profile. I used the same heating profile as I did last year with my reactions. If the water turns a brownish color when we take them out tomorrow then I have to do the same exact process but with acid.

        After I got done setting up the heating program and running the oven, I began to read. I read two articles today. One was the process description of a set of reactions and the other was about semi-conductors and diamond like structures. I read for the remainder of the time until it was lunch. When we got back from lunch I checked on the oven to make sure it was heating, it was. Then from then on the rest of the day was more reading.

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