Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, Summary

    Today I used both MOE and LaTeX together to show my mentor that I was able to use it properly. I had to download a leucine transporter molecule with a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) on to MOE so that I could locate the binding pocket, or active site for the TCA.  After locating the ligand on the molecule, I had to display it and then save the file as a picture.  Next I had to use LaTeX and upload the picture of the molecule from MOE to a LaTeX file.  After showing my mentor the picture, I realized that I had the wrong binding pocket.  So after the meeting I had at 12:00, where I watched undergraduate students present their project, I had to MOE again to find the correct binding pocket.
      When I finally had the right bonding pocket, I had to use LaTeX again to upload the picture, but this time instead of using a format of an article, I had to us beamer, which is a type of format similar to a powerpoint.  There I used everything I learned from the past few days about LaTeX put it into one small powerpoint.  I got to learn how MOE and LaTeX could be used for one another, one would project the information while the other could be turn that information into a document.

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