Monday, June 30, 2014

6/30/2014 Robert summary

Coming in this morning was kind of scary, mostly because I felt like I was going to be behind on all my work. Even though my secondary mentor gave me "homework" and a couple of notes I wasn't sure on if I was drawing the peptide structures right.

Shortly, after  I got here I met my primary mentor Dr. Van Stipdonk. He was really cool to say the least. He gave me a overview of what I'm going to accomplish over the next week and so on. He also invited me to watch some of what his college students are doing in their labs and, maybe learn something new.   

After lunch me and my secondary  mentor reviewed my notes and began redrawing the peptide structures. He really broke it down so I had a better understanding of how to make them. With that I feel more confident with my work and can move forward with the next step in the process of my project. I am really excited to see to keep working on the project with my mentors I think I'm in good hands.

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