Monday, June 30, 2014

6.30.14 Cheyenne Simmons

         Well this morning I took my other two autoclaves out of the oven. I took them into the back and then emptied the reactions out back into their correct vials. How I did that was I took the autoclave and emptied it using a pipet. For each reaction I used a separated pipet so we didn't cross contaminated the reactions. For one of the reactions at the bottom of the autoclave there was clumps of the reaction I had to use water to be able to rinse it out. Once I got that out I was able to clean up everything and set my reactions out to settle so I can characterize them under the microscope.

        When I came back from lunch I saw that my reactions were settling. I began to then characterize them under a regular microscope. My first reaction was a golden like color with clumps at the bottom of the vial. My second was gray and it looked like shards of metal. The Third was brown in color with piece floating at the top that if the got close to each other they looked like magnets and connected together. The fourth was a flat powder like gray and dull. Fifth the reaction wasn't settled enough to see so it was just cloudy and dark. The sixth was another brown in color golden like, tiny and together. Seventh had a green tint and was powder looking and was gray under the microscope. The eighth and final one was laying flat on the bottom, a dark gray looks like dirt and had two orange crystal like dot in it.

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