Friday, June 27, 2014

6.27.14 Cheyenne SImmons

         Well today went kind of slow, I started of the day good. I finally got to do something for once in two days. Since somebody was here from my lab today I got to work! This morning I got to put my last two reactions into the oven and bring the other six out. Whenever I finally got done with that I began working on my power point even though I don't have that much I still have something. After all that we went to a Seminar where this girl spoke and she use to be an under grad here at Duquesne. She spoke about her undergrad research she did here. She also talked about the things she does and steps she has taken to get her PhD.

         When ever we came back from the Seminar I helped Amber with what she needed to know for her power point. After that I worked more on my Power point then sat around for a little bit because I had nothing to do for the rest of the day because Jaci wasn't here today. So on Monday I plan to take my last two reactions out of the oven then I plan to begin drying them out.

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