Monday, June 30, 2014

6/30/14 Katie O'Kelley

Today I dissolved my ligand in dichloromethane(DCM) and ran it through the column I set up on Friday. This took most of the day. The column separated the ligand from all the unreacted reagents. Each fraction of the column turns to a different color. The first fraction filtered out is yellow in color and is unreacted reagent to be thrown in the waste bin. Then the color fades into the dark brown fraction, this is ligand. The ligand is collected into beakers, labeled and left out overnight as to ensure the DCM evaporates out of the ligand. The ligand is collected until the color fades back to yellow, from brown, to red, to orange. There is a green fraction on the upper half of the column that not much is known about. My lab tried to collect this fraction but when the whole column faded down to green the solute(DCM) ran through clear. We assume this was due to how polar/non-polar our solvent was. We then ran Another solvent, more polar through the column to try and collect the green fraction and the same result occurred, and the solvent ran clear. We gave up pursuing the chance to characterize the fraction. Next time we decided we will try a different solvent based on polarity to try and extract the fraction. After this I worked on coming up with questions from the blog challenge, I currently have about 30. When that got boring I started writing my power point for my presentation Thursday. I am half way done with this. My secondary is going to help my draw up my complexes and pictures of reactions tomorrow to finish up that, so I have time to practice and ask questions before I do it for all of you. 

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