Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blog Challenge #1

        For our first blog challenge, we have to find a field involving science that we are interested in.  I have always been interested in the medical field.  I either want to become a doctor, a physician, or a registered nurse.  The field that I am picking right now is a registered nurse (RN). Maybe after that, I might go further in the medical field.  What a typical (RN) does is provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.  They also record patients' medical histories and symptoms. 

        The first college I was thinking of going to is Carlow University.  They offer certificates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.  There are many things that are required to get into this university.  The classes are: 4 years of English, 2 years of history. 3 years of math, 2 years of social studies, 3 years of science, and 4 years of academic electives.  Class rank and GPA is very important.  The nursing major requires 123 credits. 

        Some of the required classes to graduate are:
1. Introduction to professional nursing and informatics. 
2. Nutrition
3. Concepts of Gerontology
4. Pharmacology in nursing
5. Nursing research
6. Legal, ethical and political issues in health care
7. Health assessments/fundamentals
8. Health promotion and disease prevention. 
Another class that is offered is Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents Clinical.  This class focuses on bio psychosocial needs of children and adolescents. There is also a class called Community Health Nursing Clinical.  It is a senior level course focusing on the health of the community and various community health nursing roles through which the health care needs of the individual.  There are many more classes that are required in the 4 years you need to graduate from Carlow University.

        The second college that I am interested in is the University of Pittsburgh.  Their nursing program was ranked 7th in U.S. news and World reports' "2011 America's Best Graduate Schools.  PITT's nursing program offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.  The high school requirements to get accepted into this university are: 2 years of a foreign language, 3 years of math, 3 years of science, 3 years of science lab, 2 years of social studies, and 3 years of academic electives. Like every university/college, your class rank and your GPA are very important to PITT. 

        There are many classes that the University of Pittsburgh offer in their nursing program.  Pathophysiologic Foundations of Nursing Care is one of the courses you are required to take in your years in college.  This course examines mechanisms that produce disease and injury, the ways in which the body responds to these mechanisms and the clinical manifestations produced by the body's response.  Another course is called Nursing Management of The Adult With Acute/Chronic health problems.  This course focuses on nursing care of adults.  Students will be guided in critical thinking exercises and the use of therapeutic interventions and research findings in the management of adults.  More courses are:
1. Transition into professional nursing practice
2. Exploring cancer care
3. Differently diagnosed theory across life span
4. Advance pharmacology
5. Practicum in nursing systems

        The third college that I am really interested in is IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania).  In their nursing program, they offer certificate, associate, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.  There isn't really required high school classes that you need to be able to get in, but there are recommended classes.  These classes are 4 years of English, 2 years of a foreign language, 2 years of history, 3 years of math, 3 years of science, 2 years of science lab, and 3 years of social studies.  What is very important to IUP is your GPA and your standardizes test scores. 
        A course that is offered in the nursing program at IUP is called Foundations of Child Health.  This course focuses on conditions that effect the health of children.  It also provides an overview of the structure and function of selected body systems.  Another course name is Healthy People-Promoting Wellness.  This course introduces students through the pathway of health and wellness through contributions through one's environment and community.  There are many more courses on the list like:
1. Disaster Awareness
2. Professional Nursing
3. Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
4. Care of Child and Family
5. Maternal-Neonate Health
6. Adult Health
7. Nursing Management

        I chose these 3 colleges because I heard many great things about their nursing program.  After researching, I started to really like them.  With all of this information, I will probably apply to them next year when I am a senior.  There are many other colleges that I would like to attend, but we only had to list 3 and CARLOW, PITT, and IUP were the first ones to pop into my head.  I also went on a college tour through CARLOW and IUP, which I really liked. 

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