Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amber Latona Day 8 6/26 BLOG

Well, today was not interesting.

My mentors were not here today because they had to attend a meeting all day. I didn't start my project yet, but I re read all of my notes so I could gain a better understanding. I took some more notes on the history of blue pigments. There have been multiple blue pigments dating back the Egyptians. Some other blue pigments are called Azurite, Cobalt, and Ultramarine.
Azurite is common in Europe. It is made from copper, which has been crushed and powdered since ancient times.
Cobalt has been used for centuries for glass and ceramics. This color became popular for paintings.
Ultramarine is made from grinding Lapis Lazuli. Ultramarine was used during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This was also used for art, but also very expensive.

I got a schedule of important dates today as well. I like schedules because I like being prepared and organized.

Hopefully by the end of the week, I can get started with some more hands on stuff!

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