Monday, June 30, 2014

06/30/14 Summary Day 11 Eventful day to say the least

Well today was eventful. 

              First I had to start my PowerPoint because I have to present on Thursday about what I have done and I'm almost done with that I just need to complete two more slides . While I'm working my lovely friend Amber walks in and sits down and we start laughing as usual . She then says " guys look at my finger " and it was so swolen and it looked like it hurt . So I told her to get and we were going to go show Mr.Larry 

             Mr.Larry's first reaction was " ewww " lol and that kind of lightened up the mood because she was scared of what was wrong with her finger . Anyways fast forward we went to the hospital which by the way was the fastest hospital visit ever .  We kept laughing while we were there because we laugh at everything literally and she was really scared because they had to poke a hole in her finger and I comforted her and told her everything will be okay. BTW we both have anxiety so me telling her to calm down was kind of ironic . Fast forward again we finally had gotten back to the building at 12:00 and missed half the day so we went to lunch and it was crazy up there but anyways today was crazy day but I 'm glad I could be there for Amber . It's so funny because we used to not like each other but I'm glad we are friends now because we are like the same person .

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