Friday, June 20, 2014

6.20.14 Cheyenne Simmons

        Well today was a pretty interesting day. This morning while I was taking notes one of the people who work in the office came over to the table by my lab and started taking everything out of the fridge and throwing it away because we're getting a new fridge soon. While she was tossing things out me and a person who works in my lab Steve were laughing because she through three packs of hot dogs away. Along with ice cream and a whole bunch of Tupperware. Off course there was sprinkles and Steve kept them, now they're on the table right outside my lab. After that I finished all of my notes I had to write and all of my reading is done.

          After lunch I came back to the lab and sat while they rest of my lab went out to lunch. While they where out to lunch I sat in the computer lab with Melissa while she drew her periodic table because she had nothing to do. When ever Jaci and the rest of my lab got back I went back and sat with them. A girl in my lab Ashley had to learn to seal DTA tubes, Jaci told we to watch and to try because I might have to learn to because I might need to seal tubes in future work. To seal them you first put them under vacuum then you have to wrap a wet Kim wipe around them. Then you have to put the torch on the highest flame which is a very light purple. Then you take the tweezers and try to put them as far down as possible then put the torch on the tube and it melts. You have to hold it there for a minute until it seals then you put it in cold water to cool down.

         After they were all sealed we had cake because it was someone's birthday. After cake I went and checked my autoclaves and all but three were clean. I emptied them and refilled the three and put them back in. On Monday I plan on the autoclaves being clean so I can begin my reactions. Once my reactions are in I hope to start on my new project and work with that. Well that's all I have to say for today, until Monday.

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