Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 17, Stephen Lau

     The second day pretty much went by quickly and I was out before I knew it.  When I came in I first worked on the tutorials on MOE which is still very difficult for me to use.  After spending some time on MOE, I started to familiarize myself with the other programs I will have to used such as Latex and R.  I also started reading a designer drug workbook which has information about proteins and how to design them using the programs I just mentioned.  I even learned how to measure the potential energy an atom is using and the distance between each atom.  There are so many features that I've already learned like the sequence editor and superposing protein, but there's still a lot to learn about MOE.
     After lunch, I had a meeting with my lab group at 2:30 at the office.  There i had acquaintances with everyone.  Then we had one of the undergraduate students present his powerpoint as a practice protocol to get him prepared for his presentation on Thursday.  Soon everyone gave a brief description on what they are working on their project and what difficulties they have face.  I realize that one day I would have to present in front of may lab group, but for now I have to work hard to fully comprehend the programs I would have to use for my project.

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