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Blog Challenge #1

     The career that I have chosen is Forensic Psychology , the reason behind that is because I love helping people and solving problems . Forensic Psychologist helps all the people that society has given up on. I feel like I'm kind of giving back to the community in a way .
In a sense that these people that I'm helping could one day be productive citizens of the community.

      PSYCHOLOGY : The science of mental life and the relations between mind , brain , and behavior

FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY : Licensed clinical psychologist who have concentrated their efforts within our legal system , both civil and criminal arenas. ( Basically working with/in family courts , sex offenders , people in jail , etc.)

                                           TIFFIN UNIVERSITY
Tiffin University is located in Tiffin , Ohio which is only 3 hours 20 minutes away from Pittsburgh . It was founded in 1888 . It's also a private , coeducational university . It's a very small university with the maximum of student less than 5,000 with an admissions rate of 51% . The tuition is 19,890/year , which is pretty expensive but again it's a private university. The minimum SAT requirements are at least 1419 and the minimum GPA requirements are at least a 3.01 . They offer BA , MA in Forensic Psychology which is 5-7 years of schooling . 


  • Intro. to Criminal Justice (3)*
  • Criminal Law (3)*
  • Criminal Procedures (3)*
  •  Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice (3)*
  • Criminology(3)*
  • Research Design(3)*
  • Internship 1 (3)*
  • Victimology (3)*
  • Crisis Intervention Strategies (3)* 
  • Psychology of Violence and Aggression (3)*
  • Introduction to Counseling (3)*
  • Abnormal Behavior (3)*
  • Social Psychology (3)*
  • Multicultural Issue in Society (3)*
  • Pro Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)*
  • Drugs and Society (3)*
  • Death and Dying (3)*
  • Sex Crimes (3)*
  • Human Sexuality(3)*
                                                                                                     * number of credits the class is worth 
  •  Accredited Bachelors Degree
  • 3.0 and above GPA for those who graduated college   
At Tiffin University they combine Criminal Justice with Psychology (the courses) because it's well easier that way and also you're more well rounded getting the information that you need. That's really what I love about this college is that you're taking classes that directly go with your career. The classes that you're taking also gives you a better chance of getting a job only because with those classes it gives a variety of jobs you can work in . Such as jails , FBI , juvenile courts , etc. The university also helps you find jobs in the field that you study in.

                          THE COLLEGE OF SAINT ROSE

The College of Saint Rose was founded in 1920's . It's a private , independent , and co-educational college . It's located in Albany , New York . It's 7 hours and 11 minutes away from Pittsburgh it's a lot further compared to Tiffin University . It's a midsize college that has about 5,200 students with an admissions rate of 60% . The tuition is 25,772/year , again it's pretty expensive but it's a private school. The minimum SAT requirement is an 1033 , and the minimum GPA requirement of a 3.10. They offer Bachelor Degree , Post-baccalaureate , Masters Degree , Master's Certificate in Forensic Psychology . 

  • PSY 110 Foundations of Psychology 
  •  PSY 111 Foundations of Psychology IICJS 230 Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems
  • CJS 231 Criminal Behavior
  • CJS 233 The Court System
  • CJS/PSY 262 Forensic Psychology
  • PSY 295 Research Methods and Statistics I (4)*
  • PSY 299 Research Methods and Statistics II (4)*
  • PSY 320 Physiological Psychology (4)*
  • PSY 363 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 410 Psychometric
  • CJS 495 Ethics in Criminal Justice (2)*
  • CJS 497 Senior Seminar OR PSY 498 (with approval from PSY and CJS) (3 – 4)*   
                                                                                                         * number of credits its worth 
The also let you choose an additional 10 courses depending on the route you want to take . 
10 Additional Classes   
  • Serial Crimes
  • Sex crimes and paraphilia
  • Crime profiling 
  • Juvenile Justice 
  • Criminal Justice Internship 
  • Human Sexuality 
  • Class , Race , and gender
  • Introduction to Psychotherapy
  • Personality 
  • Developmental Psychology : Adolescence and Adulthoo
These would possibly be the courses that I would choose because like I said the beginning I want to help those who society has given up on or those who society doesn't trust. I'm a very optimistic person so I believe people should always get a second chance
  • Accedited Bachelors Degree 
This seem like a great college overall . It's in NY , a beautiful city , so there would be plenty of things to do . Also I like that it's small so the professor knows your name and you're not just a number . I like that they let you choose the courses you want to take that would best fit the route that you would want to take  
                   CASTLETON STATE COLLEGE

Castleton State College is located in Castleton , Vermont . It was founded in 1787 . It is a public , coeducational school . It a small college with less than 5,000 students . It has an admissions rate of 86%  . The tuition is $32,250/year . The minimum GPA requirement of a 3.0 and the minimum SAT score of a 1260. They offer Bachelors Degree  Forensic Psychology.


  • Introduction to Psychology (3)*
  • Human Growth and and development(3)*
  • Theories of Personality(3)*
  • Cognitive Psychology(3)*
  • Psychology Research 1(4)*
  • Psychology Research 2(4)*
  • Bio-psychology(3)*
This school has the BA in Psychology with a concentration in Forensics Psychology so addtitional classes would be , 
  • Social Psychology(3)*
  • Police Psychology(3)*
  • Criminal Behavior(3)*
  • Juvenile Delinquency(3)*
  • Psychological Test (3)* 
  • Psychology and Law (3)*
  • Intro to Criminal Justice
                                                                                                                     * number of credits 
This College seems pretty good but it's very expensive and I don't know how I would pay for it but overall it seems like the college I would possibly attend. I've heard great things about this college so I know it isn't to bad.




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