Monday, June 23, 2014


          The career that I choose is Forensic Biology. I really like Biology. I have been interested in Forensic sciences since I was in 7th Grade. I haven't decided what subdivision until recently though. I choose this career because its in a lab setting and I can also be "in the field", meaning that I would get to go to crime scenes and investigate. I would like to specialize in DNA-based techniques. This is a special branch under the heading of forensic biology. This would put me in a lab analyzing DNA found at crime scenes, through the process of Quantum Polymerase Chain Reaction(qPCR).
          The first college that I found within my limits of distance was Penn State's Eberly College of Science. In their program they offer Hands-on experience of crime scene analysis techniques and lab methodologies in state-of-the-art facilities. They also offer specialized courses of the disciplines of many divisions under the title Forensic science, including biology. There are undergraduate and masters degree programs available. The masters program is a 2 year degree and a 42 credit requirement. This college offers internships and has networking opportunities with many government agencies.
         My second pick is Point Park University, located downtown Pittsburgh. The program require 120 credits for the course. They also offer internships at local Allegany County buildings and departments using information learned at the University. The University also has a crime simulator house on campus used to give students a hands on experience dealing with crime scenes, collecting evidence/data, and accidental/suicide deaths.
          My final choice is the University of Albany. Campus is located in New York. The requirements for a masters degree is 40 credits and internships are required for graduation. The program  caters to the needs of newly developed technologies involved in the forensic biology world. It familiarizes students to modern techniques, while giving them hands on experience in lab settings.
         In conclusion, All the programs are set to accomplish the goal of giving the student hands on experience in lab setting while giving them all the information needed to be successful in their careers.

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