Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26, Summary

     Today wasn't much of a day.  When I came in, I first started to work on my blog challenge since I didn't know it was mandatory at first.  After working a little on it and getting it started, I had to go to a SEED meeting at 10:00 to watch the second year SEED members present their power points from last year.  The meeting only lasted an hour so I continue off working on my blog challenge.  I finally decided that the career I would chose was a forensic science technician.  However, I didn't get much time done since I had another meeting at 12:00 with mine and another lab group.  Unfortunately, this meeting lasted almost 3 hours, which only left me an hour before I am done for the day.  So in my final hour, I just continue to work on my blog challenge.  Although I'm still not finish with it even though it's due today, it just means I got one more thing to do at home.

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