Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/18/14 Day 3 Summary

  Today was very interesting. The reasons why was because I actually had the chance to do a little experiment. For instance I've gotten to mix gasoline and Methyl alcohol (methanol) which are not soluble. First I had to measure 20ml of gasoline and pour it into a flask and then I measure 20ml of methanol and also poured that into the flask . After I've done all of that I had to shake it up and wait for them to separate. 

  After that I've measured a round bottom flask so that I know how heavy one actually is. Once I've gotten done with that I then proceeded to put the methanol and gasoline in two seperate flask. Again they aren't soluble so they just formed two separate layers . Then I put the flask that had methanol in it in a device called the ROTOVAP which bascially just removes all solvents from sample by evaporation. Once I've done this it made SMORS and no not the ones you eat. 

  Lastly , I had to weigh the SMORS and see how much I've gotten from the gasoline . Basically I had to repeat this over and over until I get the had of this and actually get to do it on my own.

I would say today was a very busy day and that it went faster than yesterday only because there was things to do today and I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer.(:        


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