Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Angel 6/30/15


      Today I helped Mary with another vacuum filter. then discussed with Dr.Wetzel when we would be heading down to the SEM to so I could learn how to use the automated system.

Amber Latona 6/30

Today I presented my power point from last year...
Then I pressed my samples into pellets.
I placed my samples into the furnace for one final time at 1300 degrees C.
Tomorrow I will take my samples out. I will probably regrind them and plan on signing up for the SEM/EDS.

Jisca 6-30-15

        Today, I presented my PowerPoint in our group meeting this morning.  I also ran my 24 hour deposition through the IR.  The peaks were still present so that means that the monolayers are stable.  Tomorrow, I plan to make the graphs of the spectra on my depositions. 

Jordan Pestok 6/30/15

Today I didn't do too much. Nobody was here today and there was not anything I could do on my own. This morning I went to the meeting and watched Amber and Jisca present. I went to lunch and I wrote my blog. Hopefully everyone is here tomorrow so I can do some work.

Amadou Diallo 6-30-15

Today I didn't do much because the machine I run assays on is being fixed but I did work on my PowerPoint.
Tomorrow if the machine is fixed I will probably be running assays.

Cheyeanne Perez Summary 6.29.15

Hey guys our cells still haven't come in so we couldn't grow the m and I cant start any mutations yet.

Sooooo I started doing my AP psychology summer homework because I have to read a book and I have had plenty of time today.

I also added more to my poster to start to get a heads up on all of the work so I don't fall behind like last year

12 days down : 28 left to try to do some research

Sarine McKenzie- 6/30

Hey, guys! Today we had a group meeting, where two students presented their project. In lab, I filtered my purified my dithione to get the crystals, then set them to dry. Then, I dissolved my other dithione in ethanol on a hot plate. After all the dithione was dissolved, I placed the solution in the fridge. Later on today, we'll most likely calculate the yield of the crystals that I collected. I'll be out for the rest of the week, and possibly Monday, so I won't be on for a while. Well, that's all for today, good luck to everyone in the blog challenge!

Amadou Diallo Blog Challenge #1

Sarine McKenzie- Blog Challenge #1

Here is Cheyeanne Perez using the maxiprep kit. We couldn't choose between these two..

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sarine McKenzie- 6/29

Hey everyone. Today was kinda slow & a tad bit boring, I'm not going to lie. I used column chromatography again today to purify my dithione that I made last week. Tonight, we'll let the dithione evaporate and tomorrow I'll recrystallize it by dissolving it in ethanol. That's about it for now, bye!

Angel WIlliamson-Wheat Blog Challenge #1

                                                         Amadou using a pipet

Angel 6/29/15


       So today we discussed how I will be taking samples while at the shooting range. We will be going there on Thursday, and then the rest of next week I will analyze the samples. I will learn how to run the SEM in automated mode so I can run samples faster. That's about it though.

Jeramiah Jones 6.29.15

Today i took measurements of my activated carbon trying to get 14 .5gram samples of it. I will continue this tomorrow by placing each of my concentrations the two of the vials, then running then through a funnel collecting what ever gets filtered and running it in a I.C system.

Amber Latona 6/29

Today I took my samples out of the furnace and regrinded them all...
Tomorrow I will present and press my samples into pellets again so that I can place them back into the furnace one more time at 1300 degrees C

Jisca 6-29-15

        Today, I ran the 24 hour deposition that I rinsed in THF through the IR.  The monolayers were still there so I sonicated the cobalt coupons in THF.  Tomorrow, I will present my PowerPoint that I did last year.  I will also use the IR to see if the monolayers remained stable throughout the sonication. 

Amadou Diallo 6-29-15

Today all I did was run a lot of enzyme assays.
Tomorrow I'll be doing the same thing.

Jisca - Blog Challenge #1

Jordan Pestok 6/29/15

Today I did not get to do very much. My mentor was not here today so I did not really do anything. In the afternoon I fixed my CID profiles from Friday so they are done the correct way. I also took a picture of Angel for the challenge, article, thing, that I do not remember the exact name of. That is about it. Tomorrow I will, hopefully, look at nickel and iron in the mass spectrometer.

Stephen Lau - Blog Challenge #1

Sarine McKenzie

Dropping her mixtape...in the lab

Stephen Lau - June 29, 2015

     I finally finished my readings today and now that my mentor is back from his meeting it's now a perfect time to use what I just learned.  However since I'm leaving early today the time will just have to wait for tomorrow to compare the sequences of a VDR of a human and a rat.  Until then...

Cheyeanne Perez 6/29/15 Summary

Hey guysss I know this is really early in the day but I'm gonna be in my lab for the rest of the day working on my abstract.

Today our cells still haven't arrived so we cant grow them yet. We should get them this week and be able to grow them pretty quickly, in about three days actually.

I started my final poster last week and worked on it more today, as well as my poster and paper, but it is only the beginning of the third week so I really don't have that much to write about yet so I cant really do anything. I'm kinda sad about that, but as soon as we get cells ill have something to do. I'm going to talk to a couple people in my lab and ask if they wouldn't mind helping me with my abstract as well as running it by Dr. Cascio when I'm finished in case there's anything he would like me to change.

Tomorrow if our cells come we'll streak them out on plated and get them to grow. If not, I'll just work on my abstract more and make sure its finalized so i can send it in, as well as email Philip Clark about my situation.

11 days over 29 to goooo!!!!

Amber Latona Blog Challenge


Stephen is prepping his Vitamin D Receptors in the pictures below!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Stephen Lau - June 26, 2015

     Today I tried to finish my reading and I am almost done with it.  Maybe I'll finish over the weekend or just tie it up on Monday.  I might even start on my abstract...

Amadou Diallo 6-26-15

Today I ran assays again to get better results. We also had a group meeting.
On Monday I will run more assays and probably change some conditions.

Jordan Pestok 6/26/15

Today I looked at cobalt and manganese again. I looked at different peaks in the mass spectrometer. I saved the data with the different activation times ranging from 1 ms to 650 ms. I learned how to put the data in excel the right way. I found out the way I was doing it before was the wrong way, so all of the work I did yesterday with my peptides is wrong, so I have to do that over again. After we looked at the cobalt and manganese we wanted to look at cobalt 3 as opposed to cobalt 2. Well we do not have any cobalt 3. The new looked for aluminum but we did not have any. So at long last we settled for gallium. Tomorrow we will look at nickel and iron.

Jisca 6-26-15

        Today, I ran the 24 hour deposition through the IR and saw in the spectra that the peaks were there.  Since the monolayers formed, I rinsed the cobalt coupons in THF for 15 minutes and put them in the oven.  I then ran the 1 hour deposition through the IR and the peaks were still there after sonication. 
        Next week, I plan to try out a contact angle measurement on the 1 hour deposition that was a success.  Also, I will check if the peaks are still on the 24 hour deposition. 

Abstract Deadline

Hello Everyone,

Abstracts for the poster session are to be electronically submitted no later than 5PM on Wednesday, July 15. Please do not post your abstracts to the blog. Please bring a paper copy to me after you have submitted your abstract.

Abstracts must conform to the following format:

Font: Arial 10 point
Length: Maximum of 150 words (not including titles and names)
Title of Written Abstract (in bold)
Authors (Last name, First name)
Academic Department
Text of Abstract (150 words)

The submission link, formatting guidelines, and schedule can be found at www.duq.edu/urpsymposium.

Angel 6/26/15


   Today because of the ethics for I didn't work in the lab. So I look back over my readings involving the SEM so that I could compare to when I actually used it. So of the things I read made more since now that I have gotten a chance to use the SEM. Next week wee go to collect samples at a shooting range, and after that I begin examining my samples.

6/26 Amber Latona

Today I placed my samples in the furnace which will be in there for another 24 hours at 1300 degrees C. On Monday, I will take them out and begin to regrind and repress once again. After that, they will go into the furnace one final time, and then I will begin analyzing my results through the SEM/EDS and XRPD.

Have a good weekend!!

Jeramiah Jones 6.26.15

Today i did extensive research on my topic finding more information about sodium arsenate, things that can go wrong with a I.C system if you don't get the expected results, and how a pH buffer will help stabilize my solution so that i get my expected results.

Sarine McKenzie- 6/26

Hello everyone! So today, I had a group meeting in the morning, where I explained to my peers how my reaction is going so far, and basically told them about the progress I've made. After that, I began researching "Project SEED," so I could begin writing my article. After lunch, I filtered out the crystals from my dithione-ethanol solution, and set them out to dry. I don't really know what the next step in my reaction is, but I will most-likely find out on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheyeanne Perez 6/26/15 Summary

Today our cells still haven't came in for us to grow and start to use.

Sooo I have just been occasionally working on my poster and power point. I also did some of my summer work andddd learned that there could be another way to save my mutated DNA and re-try to sequence them to tell if the mutation works or not.

Until the next day guys, have a great weekend!!

10 days gone already, 30 lefttt!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/25 Amber Latona

Today I took my samples out of the furnace and I got positive results...blue pigments! :)
The spectrum of blues looks very nice. I had to regrind and repress each sample today and that took a long time.
Tomorrow I will place my samples back into the furnace at 1300 degrees C for another 24 hours.

Angel 6/25/15


       Today I was able to do some more studying about the SEM as well as get to know my mentors better. We went out to eat today, and talk it was a nice time. Afterwards we came back to the lab where I continued reading. Tomorrow we were thinking of working with the SEM again so I could have more practice.

Jeramiah Jones 6.25.15

Today i had to collect my ion chromatography data and plot it on a chart and crate a graph

Sarine McKenzie- 6/25

Hey everyone! So today, I had a lot of downtime in the morning. But eventually, I got into the lab and I washed the glassware I used yesterday. After lunch, (with the help of my mentor) I began the recrystallization of my dithione. I was surprised at how much dithione was left after we evaporated it yesterday (about one-tenth of the amount we started with). So today's procedure involved my mentor and I dissolving the dithione in ethanol over a hot plate. We had to use the least amount of ethanol possible so that our solution would be very concentrated. Tomorrow, we have a group meeting, and I will begin writing an article about Project SEED. My mentor will not be here, so I will begin interviewing the SEED participants. That's all for today, ciao for now!

Jisca 6-25-15

        All I did today was run the 1 hour deposition through the IR.  The peaks were still in the correct wavenumbers after the rinse in THF.  I then sonicated the coupons in THF for 15 minutes and put them in the oven.  I then took the 24 hour deposition out of the solution and into the oven.  Tomorrow, I plan to look at the spectra's of the coupons to determine if I should rinse or sonicate them. 

Jordan Pestok 6/25/15

In the morning I looked at cobalt in the mass spectrometer and compared it to Dr. Van Stipdonk's results. Basically the same thing I did yesterday with manganese but with cobalt.

In the afternoon I finished my CID profiles. After that I put the data into Microsoft Exel so the data can be turned into a graph. While that last part about Excel might not sound like a big deal, it takes forever.

Tomorrow I will look at cobalt and manganese together or at least create the solution. Also I will probably keep doing things with my CID profiles.

Amadou Diallo 6-25-15

Today I ran some assays of my enzyme. I also worked on my PowerPoint.
Tomorrow I have a lab group meeting and I'll get some feedback from my lab partners about my PowerPoint. I may also run some more assays.

Cheyeanne Perez -Blog Challenge #1


We were assigned the challenge is to take a picture of a student in their lab doing part of their project. the winning picture will be featured in an article about project SEED. I was assigned Jordan Pestok.

This is the final picture.....