Thursday, July 3, 2014

7/2/14 Kelly Pesta

Yesterday morning I finished up the second blog challenge. In the afternoon I waited until Leah came in at 3:30. When she came we went over the extrations I did earlier this week. We then continued the extractions. This time our extractions consisted of 5mL of methanol in 9 different test tubes. We had 9 stubs that we put the standards on again.We put the stubs inside the methanol and sonicated all of them for 20 min. When the 20 min was up we took out 3 test tubes and labeled them methanol 20 1,2,3. We then syringe filtered them and put them into GC vials. Then we put the sonicator on for 5 more minutes with the 6 remaining test tubes. When that was done we labeled those methanol 25 1,2,3. We syringe filtered those and put those into GC vials. When that was done we put the sonicator on for 5 more minutes with the 3 remaininf test tubes. When they were done we labeled them methanol 30 1,2,3, syringe filtered, and put into GC vials. Leah will be running those samples. Monday I will be contuning the 1/2 acetone 1/2 water extractions with 3 samples sonicates for 20 min and 3 samples sonicated for 30 min.

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