Thursday, July 17, 2014



Steven dazed and confused as usual, yet very interested in his simulations!

Katie cleaning glassware! 

Melissa checking her output files! 


Cheyeanne Micheala Perez 
   is the daughter of Chad Polowsky and Pam Perez. She is 16 years old and celebrates her birthday December 31st. Cheyeanne attends Mckeesport High School and has one sibling; a brother named Chad Jr. Her favorite color is red. Cheyeanne's interests include science and that is why she is here at Project SEED this summer. She enjoys Project SEED due to the fact that she gets to meet plenty of new people and gain experience for college. Her projects deals with genetics. It is titled Probing Serotonin Transporter Structure by Mutagenesis. The processes that go along with this experiment include Maxiprep, Miniprep, Transformation, and Checked Concentration. The specific reason for doing this project is to gain knowledge about the rat serotonin transporter and how it works. Cheyeanne's future work includes checking to see if mutations worked. 
Cheyeanne examining a DNA sample from a petri dish inside the cold room!

Swiss labeling his samples while wearing his paper lab coat!

Jisca pouring Sodium Hydroxide into a beaker! 

Shakasia turning on the Rotovap!

Kelly applying adhesive to her SEM stubs!

Cheyenne rinsing her solution! 

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