Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Challenge # 2 - Stephen Lau

     For my second blog challenge, I interview Riley Workman, a graduate student who is also in Madura research group just like me.  I learned a lot about Riley by asking the following questions:

1)  Where are you from?

2)  What college did you go to as an undergraduate student?

3)  Why did you choose Chemistry?

4)  What do you plan on doing with your degree after school?

5)  Do you prefer computational science or science in the lab?  Why?

6)  LaTeX or Microsoft?

7)  Why did you choose Duquesne?

8)  Did you do any undergraduate programs in college?

9)  If you could have type of job without any preparations or work, would you still work in the fields               of science or would you do something else?  If so what would it be? 

10)  What characteristic does a person who wants to pursue a career in the fields of science generally            have to have?

11)  Do you like pie?

Riley Workman's Biography

          As an undergraduate student, Riley Workman pursue a career that was in the fields of science.  He went to Grove city college were he continued to study more about chemistry.  He didn't do any undergraduate research programs over the summer there, however he did do a research program for a year during the school year to receive extra credits at the time.  Riley was always interested in chemistry since his time in Mt. Lebanon high school.  He loved the class and decided to continue his studies in college.  Riley never had any reason to change his interest in science to a different subject, which eventually led to where he is at today, Duquesne University.  Before coming to Duquesne,  Riley had the opportunity to go to Philadelphia.  However, because Riley was from Pittsburgh, specifically from Mt. Lebanon,  he wanted to do his graduate education close from home.
          Here at Duquesne, Riley works with the Madura Research group, where he focuses his work into computational science.  He prefers to do computational work than work in the lab only because he is really good with computers and doesn't have much experience in the lab.  Working with computational sciences also benefits Riley because he can wear shorts and flip flops, his casual clothes during his work hours, unlike in the lab where he would have to where pants and tennis shoes, which would definitely be a disadvantage during hot summer days.  One of the most important programs Riley had to use when working with computers was LaTeX, a document preparation system which is a more complex yet beneficial program than Microsoft.  It is a must use program for Madura Research Group when preparing scientific documents for the public.  To Riley, learning the program was easy and when working with important documents, LaTeX became a really useful tool.  However, when working with something that doesn't require much work or something that should be finish quickly and organization isn't a top priority, then Riley prefers to use Microsoft for that type of work.  After earning his degree, Riley plans to have a job that has something to do with the commercial industry.  However, after a few years in the industry business, he plans on becoming a certified teacher for science so that others can learn and become interested more about science.  

          "You have to be willing to work with other people and have the desire to learn more, those are the two most important things"  
                                                                                - Riley Workman 
          According to Riley a person cannot work towards his goal of having a career in the fields of science without having the curiosity to discover the undiscoverable.  Like Riley, you cannot be easily bored while working or else you'll get discourage.  Riley enjoys everything he does here at Duquesne and is always willing to learn more.  However, if he could, Riley would be in a band or be the CEO of one of the top business if he didn't have to take any necessary preparations classes or practice for these jobs.  Even if he had the decision to have his dream job of being in a band or owing a high class business,  Riley would still consider having a career would involves chemistry, just because it means that much to him.  There's still a lot to know about Riley, like "Was it difficult to get where you are at today?" or "What was your most enjoyable time in college?", but right now he's going to focus his all his time in his studies as a graduate student.  The remarkable story about a man whose love for chemistry motivates him the do great things ends here, but the story will still keep on going as Riley Workman, a man who enjoys only pizza pie, lives the rest of his life pursuing his dreams.

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