Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 Katie O'Kelley

This morning I missed the SEED meeting because I was doing calculations and learning procedures for the reaction I did after lunch. Lunch was good. After getting lost on the way back from the Chinese food place I did a reaction with molybdic acid, mnt, and other stuffs that I cannot name because my notebook is in the lab right now and I'm too lazy to go get it... but trust me, I did a lot of science. I did a small scale reaction to see if I could do it because it was difficult for Sara to do the first couple of times but I did good my first try. So Dr. Basu insisted I do the full scale reaction described in the procedure of the book I was following. My full scale reaction worked well too. I have to calculate both reaction yields tomorrow when I come in. This is going to look great on my poster :D extream smiley face for other news that I am not putting on the blog but is SEED related. Until tomorrow :P byeeeeeeee.

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