Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Challenge #2 Cheyeanne Perez


The second blog challenge we were asked to complete is to interview a graduate student and ask them ten questions. The graduate student that I decided to interview is Shelby Phillips. She has been in my lab working on her research and I had already gotten to know her well before I interviewed her, I figured it would be a good experience to ask her some questions about college related matters. Below are the ten questions I asked her along with the answers.
 Why did you choose to come to Duquesne University?
Duquesne University is the only college to offer a masters in Forensic Science in the country. Also it is close to home and has a nice campus.
What did you want to do at first? What changed your mind?
            I wanted to go to a school for music because I play the cello. I took a forensics class and wanted to peruse that instead.
Why Forensics?
            She thought it was interesting how you can use science to solve crimes as well as the different fields of forensics. But most of all she loved how she would not be limited in the overall field of forensics because of how broad it is.
Do you have any words of advice for incoming freshman? Any advice about what groups to join and when?
            I would say just stay calm and don’t panic that’s the worst thing you can do. It’s not the same as high school it’s meant to be more difficult. I would recommend not joining any groups first semester, just so you can get used to the rhythm of things and how your classes work, then you can join at least one thing you second semester.
What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Overall she is most proud of getting the opportunity to play with the Pittsburgh symphony, but in college she is most proud to have finished undergraduate school and to have gotten accepted into a masters program.
How would you describe college to someone who is going for the first time?
            It is most defiantly different then high school. It’s on a much bigger scale. You’re on your own, no more mommy and daddy.
What classes do you believe provided you with the most knowledge?
            Biochemistry I provided her with the most facts and information. Also Forensic chemistry, because it gave her a lot of use of the tools and instruments that she would need to use in the future.
Lessons have you learned from going to college?
            One of the most important lesson I have learned is do not procrastinate, that is the worst thing you can do when it comes to your work. Also I have learned how to study so that I’ll remember the most. But the overall lesson that I am most glad that I learned is how to deal with people.
Is there anything thing you would have changed to better prepare for college?
            She would have taken more AP classes like AP biology rather than just AP chemistry.
What are you future plans?
            Well first I have one more year here, then I will have graduated with my masters, and then I would like to apply somewhere in a crime lab.  Then after that I’m still contemplating graduate school.

Shelby Phillips is a really interesting person. She has played the cello since she was younger. She listens to all kind of music dating back to the 1950s. Her favorite color is pink and she loves science. She loves to further her knowledge with forensics because it is interesting to her. She loves all dogs. But most of all she loves big manly dogs that are huge. Also she gives words of advice such as don’t start smoking, she feels that it was one of the worst things she started doing. The most interesting thing I believe she had told me was that her mother named her after one of Julia Roberts characters she played. After interviewing Shelby I learned that there are many different things that she is interested in, and that makes it even more fun to listen to her.

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