Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7/23/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was the busiest day ever. This morning our SEED meeting was canceled so we can work on our presentations since the symposium is tomorrow. So I worked on my poster and then walked down to Fisher with Rob to get his construction paper. After that I went to lunch with my mentor and my secondary mentors to the cheesecake factory. After that I worked on my poster for a little bit until Leah came. When she got there my mentor Dr. Wetzel talked to me about what I will be doing in the last few weeks of SEED and what I should be adding to my poster. After that Leah and I went to the Triple Quad. and she showed me how to look at my samples and showed me how to find the peak height. She had me make a chart of each extraction, each of the 7 standards (except MC), and the peak height. That took a long time to write all that down. When I finished we went to the computer lab and went over what I should change and add to my poster. She had me add a few more things to my notes and add more to the chart. When we finished that it was already 6:00 and time for me to go. So we quickly went over what I have to do tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish my poster in time to get it printed so I have something to present at the symposium Friday. Time is running out.

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