Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/16/14 Katie O'Kelley

This morning I presented my power point. I was so nervous. I messed up a few things but no one mentioned it so it mustn't have been that noticeable to anyone else, except my mentor, Sara. She waited until we were back in the lab to point it out though. I thank her for that. She helped a lot and quizzes me randomly to help me remember the information while under pressure.  Then after lunch I redid a peraction I have previously done to see if I can get a better yield, since my yield the first run of the reaction sucked. Afterward I worked on the blog challenge and have completed most of it. I just need to get it to look nice, neat, and organized. In the middle of that my mentor, Dr. Basu called me into the lab to observe him assisting another person in my lab, Dr. Mogesa. Then Dr. Basu made me help Stephen clean the base bath because it was full. I finished the day with cleaning up my powerpoint slides for the symposium next Friday and organizing my pictures for this weeks blog challenge. 

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