Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Challenge #3 - Jisca

         For this blog challenge, I had to take pictures of all the other SEED student doing something in their lab.  After that, I had to interview one other SEED student and write down what their project is about and what they have done so far. 

The SEED student that i interviewed was Katie O'Kelly. The title of Katie’s project is Synthesis and characterization of Dithione Ligands for Metal Chelation. What she must do is a two step process which involves taking an amine to make dione. The dione is then sulfurized to produce dithione ligand. That ligand is key in synthesizing the metal complexes. The metal complex Katie is currently in the process of making is Bis(1,2 –dicarbomethoxy-1,2-ethylene dithiolate) oxo molybdate(IV). This is a multi-step process that starts with making an oxomolybdenum species. This complex has Dithiolene ligands coordinated to molybdenum, a second-row transition metal. That is the metal that Katie’s research will be focusing on. Her project in simple terms would be to make dithiolene and dithione ligands and make complexes with them that contain a metal center, in her case that metal is molybdenum.

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