Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, Summary

     Today I learn a lot of things on what I going have to do these next few days.  What I've done so far is that I finally ran my last calculation.  Now all four systems are being run and so far I gotten help to make sure that now errors pops up when they are running, but still should check on them every once in a while just in case.  I also started my blog challenge and have an idea on how I should do it that won't be said until the time comes.  After working on it for a while, I head down to my meeting at 12:00, but later printed out my slides for my mentor to read over it.  Now I have a better understanding on what I'm doing and what I'm using.  There's still a lot more to fix like work on my poster, take better notes, finish the blog challenge, etc, but I still got tomorrow to finish and there is a lot to finish.

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