Tuesday, July 15, 2014

7/15/14 Kelly Pesta

Yet again I have not done much today. I wasn't aloud in the lab this afternoon because there is a forensic workshop going on in my lab this week for juniors and seniors from different high schools so they were doing different experiments in there today. Since I wasn't aloud in the lab I was in the computer lab a majority of the day. I took some pictures of the other SEED students for our third blog challenge. After I took pictures of the SEED students who were here today I went over my power point since I have to present tomorrow at the SEED meeting. I don't have much information on my power point yet because I haven't run any of my samples on the LC/MS yet, but I do have background information and I can explain what I will be doing to get the results and what were coming or trying to get out of the extractions. So, tomorrow I hope to be running my samples and possibly be looking at my results by Friday with Leah so I can finish my power point and have it finished by the symposium by next Friday.

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