Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/16 Amber Latona BLOG

Today I didn't do much again. When I came in, I took the test sample out of my furnace. It had a blue rim around the pellet and I was interested to see that. I'm not so sure why there was a blue rim when I thought that pellet should have been white. But, there are still some processes that need to be done before the final step.
After that, I put in 9 samples because that is all that fit. I still have 3 more samples, but they wouldn't fit, so I have to wait. I will let those 9 samples heat for 12 hours.
We had a SEED meeting again today and people presented.
After lunch, I tried to post my Blog Challenge because I finished it...and it wouldn't post.
I got really angry because of that.
I am getting more anxious every day and stressed out..

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