Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Roberts 3rd Blog Challege

Along with taking pictures with the other SEED students I got to interview the person that I'm most close to in the program, so keep reading for Kelly's Bio.
Kelly's Biography
         Kelly is 17 and she's going to be a senior at Boardman High School in Ohio. In her free time Kelly likes to play the guitar and draw. She has been playing guitar sense she was 4, but actually started taking lessons 10 years later. Kelly says she want to attend Duquesne or Carlow university once she graduates high school. Her majors of interest are Biology and Forensics, she hopes to be a Medical Examiner.
          While interviewing Kelly she told me a little about her project. Her project is very interesting the title is identification of organic gun she residue, or GSR for short on scanning electron microscope (SEM). In this project Kelly is testing to see if the standers of   GSR are present after extracted and ran through LC/MS
          Kelly is a awesome person I really enjoyed spending my time talking to her. She might seems shy ,but once you start talking to her you will see that she is really an  open book. Some things that  neither I nor others really know about Kelly by just looking at her is, she wants to marry a guy of German descent . Not sure why but that's what Kelly has in mind. She is also very diverse in music she says "music is a big part of my life".
          Like every other interview that I have done I like to ask a completely unrelated question . Kelly's question was: What does she think the fox says? her response was "Me-ow ( like a cat)". Again, I'm  not sure if that's how the song goes but I will say that Kelly has given me the most logical answer so far.     

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