Friday, July 18, 2014

7/18/14 Katie O'Kelley

This morning I came in really early. I worked on my poster for the symposium almost all day. I cannot find a way to organize my information into 16 slides. i have like 14, which is not enough. I have enough data and information but i want it to look nice and organized. Uhh... Anyway after that, I presented at our SEED only meeting. Then worked on my poster until lunch. Afterward was the speaker, I had no interest in his talk. I was bored. By the time I got back to my lab everyone was busy with experiments so I continued organizing my poster. I'm so paranoid that its going to look bad or not have enough details. I hope I fix it by next week. My group meeting is at 4 but I talked to Dr. Basu after I share my experiments and conclusions for the week I can leave early. He agreed to this because our meetings are scheduled until 6 and I have to take the bus home. 

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