Thursday, July 17, 2014

BLOG CHALLENGE #3 - Shakasia

Pouring methanol

Looking lost while working on CHARMM

Looking at colonies on a plate

Labeling samples

Cleaning glassware

Pouring methanol in a flask


Cleaning her solution

Pressing pellets

Melissa Fowkes

Looking at output files

 Melissa Fowkes was born January 11 , 1997. She is 17 years of age, and also she is just a week older than I am. She attends Sto-Rox High School. She is very outspoken, and a lot of people think that she can be uptight but she just sees herself as serious. Although this doesn’t mean that she isn’t capable of not having fun and loosening up. This is her second year of Project SEED and this year her project consist of her performing molecular dynamics simulations on ionic liquid 1-methyl-3-pentylimidazolium chloride and finding  the activation energy using a compensated Arrhenius equation. The thing that she likes most about project seed is the values. She says “it’s allowing underprivileged yet bright students an opportunity to get out of their respective situations and experience something out of their comfort zone. She also states “I don’t necessarily dislike anything, but public speaking isn’t something I’m always comfortable with, so I’m kind of stressed out about it. This program helps out with it a lot. Melissa I one of the most intelligent people I have met but she wants to apply to Pitt and Duquesne but if she had the option, she would go to Duquesne no questions asked. In college she wants to major in Pharmaceutical Science and eventually receive her PH.D. Lastly, in ten years she hopes to have completes school, started a career, and have begun to live her life and start a family.



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