Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Title for the symposium

1. Open Microsoft Publisher.
2. Under Publisher change the orientation (under the page design tab) to landscape.
3. Under the same tab, change the size.
     1. Click on size.
     2. Go to the far bottom and click "create new page size..."
     3. A new window will pop up, change the width to 48" and the height to 8.5".
4. The picture should now be long.
5. Insert a text box and type in your information from your Power point title slide.
     It should look like this:
                                                        Title of project (90 pt. font)
                    Your name, the name of your mentors, and secondary mentors (75 pt. font)
 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 15282 (70 pt. font) 
* Adjust the sizes so it looks good and its centered. You don't want it to take up the whole slide you need room for the logo *
6. You can change the font to whatever you want, or so it matches your slide fonts, it's up to you.
7. Go under insert, borders and accents, and scroll all the way down. Under emphasis and choose the border stripes. You can change the color of the border (under page design and choose you're color scheme or create your own to match the rest of your slides). Adjust the border so it fits the title inside of the blue borders.
8. Copy and paste the Duquesne logo and place them on your title the same way I have mine below.

* If you need help find me and I'll help you *
** Check with your mentor to see if they have a certain preference for your title slide **

This is what mine looks like:

Copy and paste (you might have to crop out the extra white around the logo after you paste so they're the same size):

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