Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7/16/14 Kelly Pesta

Today I did a lot. In the morning we had our SEED meeting. A lot of people were at our meeting including Dr. Wheeler (the head of the department) and the mentors of everyone who was presenting. I presented today at our meeting even though I didn't have much to present I believe I did well, and so did everyone else who presented. After that we went to lunch. When we came back from lunch we all went around and finished taking pictures of one another so we can finish our blog challenge. Once I finished my mentor wanted to talk to me about my presenation to change and add things on my power point. Our discussion didn't last long so after that I went to the computer lab to fix what needed fixed on my power point. After that I went to the office and scheduled us in the conference room there to practice our presentations together and give each other advise on what to fix or work on without our mentors to prepare ourselves for the symposium next Friday. When I finished that Rob and I interviewed each other for the second part of our blog challenge. That lasted an hour and then I was done. Later this week I hope I can run my samples to get results and finally finish my power point and tomorrow I plan on finishing up my blog challenge.

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