Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7-23-14 Summary

        Today, my mentor wasn't here so I could talk to her about the changes that I had to make to my  power point.  So, I sent the power point with all of the changes in it to my secondary.  She changed a couple of things, including the background color of my power point.  I couldn't just leave it white, so I just changed the design into something simple.  I also made my title on Microsoft office publisher today.  I sent it to my secondary and I didn't have to change anything about it. 

      In the morning, I did another 1 hour deposition of ODPA on 3 cobalt coupons.  In the afternoon, I ran the nickel coupons through the IR.  By the looks of the peaks, I don't think that the monolayers will be stable.  I think that my power point for my poster is ready, and all I have to do is send the it to my mentor again but with all the changes that I made on it throughout the day. 

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