Thursday, July 17, 2014


           For the second part of the Challenge, I interviewed Jisca. She answered all the questions I asked to the best of her ability and she is perfect :)
           Jisca’s project SEED title is called “Stability of Self-Assembled Monolayers of Organic Acid on Cobalt”.  She basically deposits acid on metal to see if monolayers form.  If the monolayers do form, she rinses and sonicates the metal to see if the monolayers are stable.  If the peaks are in the correct places, it means the monolayers are stable.  Jisca is using cobalt as her metal and octadecylphosphonic acid (ODPA) as her acid deposition.  She also uses Tetrahydrofuran (THF), Hydrochloric acid (HCL), and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) as the rinse and sonication.  Her results show that the time for the ODPA deposition that makes monolayers is 1 hour.  Now, Jisca is starting to use nickel as well for her metal, and just repeats her procedures with it.  

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