Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, Summary

    This morning I printed out my poster even though I couldn't get any grant numbers since no one was here.  Unfortunately it turns out that my other results were finish so I had to cancel the printing to edit my poster and put in my results.  However, it turns out that an error occur when it was running the files.  When my table filled with results came up, a column showed with a nan (not a number).  We don't really know what caused this problem but we're trying to figure it out as fast as we can.  In the meant time I had to go back to Fisher Hall to ask them to print my poster again since I didn't have much time left. After that I just read some more articles about PMC (potential mean force) and reaction coordinates since that is what I am using for my project.  And even if we do found out how to solve the error and somehow get my results tomorrow, I could always just tape my results onto my poster.

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