Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 23, Summary

     I basically got everything done today for Friday.  I immediately started going over my poster and finally got it done.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to see if I have any grant numbers to put down for my acknowledgement  and  I had to print it out since it would take a day before it was done. However, I did have time to read more about my project by looking at a  previous article I have seen.  I learned more about ∆ G orientation and how it requires 6 points from the protein, 3 from the ligand and 3 from the actual protein.  The points are cannot be chosen randomly, they have to be in specific location.  Different points will get you different values but they will always sum up to the same number.  I will look more into depth about the results I've receive and hope that my other results will finish soon.

By the way this blog is for yesterday.

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