Friday, July 18, 2014

Summary July 18th, 2014

Today was wasted.

Luther told me yesterday to rerun all of my calculations because I didn't rename my output files in the script. I was almost done with that today when he told me to delete all of my data because he had developed an all encompassing script so that I didn't have to run 12 calculations. The script is temperature annealing my system. This means that it is heating up the box, decreasing the pressure, increasing the pressure, lowering the temperature again, and then decreasing the pressure to its initial pressure. From this calculation, I will get the density, MSDs, and total energy of the IL.

I'm running a calculation right now as a test run and I'm going to check it later tonight to see if it is finished.

See you Monday, SEED.

ALSO: My blog challenge will be done on Monday. Shakasia was busy this afternoon, so I didn't get the chance to interview her.

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